Community Based Participatory Research and Community Assessment

It is an approach to developing partnerships with community residents to conduct research that equitably involves community members, organizational representatives, researchers, and others in all aspects of the research process. Each member is encouraged to contribute their expertise and skills while sharing in the decision-making. The intent for using this approach is to increase knowledge and understanding of an issue and to partner to identify and execute initiatives designed to impact policy or social change benefiting the community.

Our Mentors

The academic-partnership of Dr. Stephanie Baker, Assistant Professor of Public Health Studies at Elon University and Executive Director, Ann Meletzke started in 2015. The partnership applied and was accepted into the University of Michigan CBPR Partnership Academy and the University of New Mexico CBPR Engage for Equity Study to gain knowledge and skills around community-based participatory research and was fortunate enough to have the researchers serve as mentors who have helped further develop the partnership and support research with guidance and funding. Here is more information regarding their work:

Barbara Israel, DrPH and Ricardo Guzman, LMSW, MPH

Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center
University of Michigan School of Public Health

J. Ricardo Guzman: A Legacy of Health Equity in Detroit

Nina Wallerstein, DrPH, MPH

Director, Center for Participatory Research
University of New Mexico

CBPR Engage for Equity (2015-2020)

The Community Assessment team collects data that reflects the voices of the people most impacted by the decisions made by community institutions. With this data, we develop strategies that address the root causes of inequity. This process both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect and analyze data, and build a better understanding of the health within communities.

Utilizing focus groups and Photovoice, and encouraging the participation in the development strategies to address inequity, we offer numerous ways to engage, share your voice and be a part of creating solutions