Authentically Alamance Farmers’ Market Network

The Authentically Alamance Farmers’ Market Network is a collective network of farmers’ markets located in Alamance County functioning under the same market structure, market rules, vendor application and management. The purpose of the network is to create a thriving market landscape within Alamance County that makes vendor participation in multiple market locations easy and accessible, while also providing a cohesive shopping experience for customers which looks, feels and functions the same across the network’s locations. The goal of the network is to provide direct-to-consumer markets for local farmers, bakers and food entrepreneurs to have economically viable options for selling their products in Alamance County, rather than outside of the county, as has traditionally been necessary for these businesses to continue operating.

Authentically Alamance Farmers’ Market Network Application 2020

Why Join the Network?

    1. Quality over Quantity.
      1. National research proves that farmers’ market sales are on the decline, as numbers of markets continue to increase year after year. Why is that? Because the market is saturated with too many small-scale markets functioning in competition with one another. The AAFMN believes that it’s not the quantity of the markets within our network, but rather the quality that will strengthen the local food system within Alamance County. Research will continue to be done to identify the best market locations for Alamance County, with the goal of having a handful of thriving markets to meet the needs of the entire county community.
    2. Consistency is Key.
      1. The AAFMN functions with the same management, same market structure and rules, the same vendor application and data collection process as well as the same market environments. We believe in creating consistent shopper experiences, which is key to building a consistent shopper base for our markets. We want customers to know what to expect at each market location within the network, so they’re comfortable shopping where is best convenient for them at any given time in their schedules.
    3. Managing Markets as a Business.
      1. Numerous markets in our area are ran without paid staffing, which proves to be difficult for multiple reasons, the biggest of which is the lack of leadership leads to the lack of proper function within the market. Having a dedicated market staff that is constantly communicating, marketing, planning and strengthening the markets is key to overall market success. Joining the network provides access to our experienced market staff whom are employed to treat the markets as a functioning business, with the overall goal of making the markets succeed.
    4. Focus on Health Equity.
      1. Serving the populations that need access.
        1. Guided by the priorities found in the county’s community health assessment.
      2. Density of population.
        1. Easily accessible in communities where there’s a high concentration of SNAP recipients.

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It’s time to prepare for our 2019 Season at North Park! Apply now to be a vendor!

North Park Farmers Market Application-2019

Authentically Alamance rules.2019North Park Farmers Market Application-2019

The North Park Farmers’ Market is seeking vendors for their 2018 season. Our 2018 season takes place every Tuesday from 3:00-6:00 PM between April 3rd and October 30th.. 

Vendors receive help with set-up and breakdown.  
For more information, contact Healthy Alamance.
We look forward to working with you this market season!

North Park Farmers’ Market vendors 2017 season


Stephanie and John Campbell of Dinner Bell Farm


Moore Farm – Sam Moore and Jeffry Goodrum


Whitney and Isaiah Allen of Rocky Run Farm.


Nancy Joyner and Clay Smith of Redbud Farm, Certified Organic




Barking Dog Farms


Darren Atkins of Il Centro Kitchen & Catering

Authentically Alamance Farmers’ Market Network